Private Road Maintenance Agreement New York

Private Road Maintenance Agreement in New York: What You Need to Know

If you own a property in New York that is accessed by a private road, it is important to have a private road maintenance agreement in place. This legal document outlines the responsibilities of each property owner for the maintenance and repair of the road.

Why Do You Need a Private Road Maintenance Agreement?

A private road maintenance agreement is necessary to ensure that all property owners sharing the private road have a clear understanding of their obligations. Without such an agreement, there may be disputes and confusion regarding who is responsible for maintaining the road.

A private road maintenance agreement also helps protect the property owners from potential liability. If a visitor or resident is injured due to the negligence of a property owner, the agreement can help determine who is at fault.

What Does a Private Road Maintenance Agreement Include?

A private road maintenance agreement typically includes the following provisions:

1. Definition of Private Road: The agreement should define the private road, including its location, dimensions, and boundaries.

2. Maintenance Responsibilities: The agreement outlines the maintenance responsibilities of each property owner, including regular maintenance tasks such as grading, snow removal, and repair of potholes.

3. Allocation of Costs: The agreement should specify how the costs of maintenance will be allocated among the property owners. This can be based on the percentage of ownership of each property, or it can be divided equally among all property owners.

4. Dispute Resolution: The agreement should include a provision for resolving disputes between property owners, such as mediation or arbitration.

How to Draft a Private Road Maintenance Agreement

When drafting a private road maintenance agreement, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney who is experienced in real estate law. The attorney can help ensure that the agreement complies with state laws and is enforceable in court.

The agreement should be signed by all property owners and recorded with the county clerk`s office. This helps ensure that the agreement is enforceable against future property owners and provides evidence of the property owners` obligations.


A private road maintenance agreement is an essential document for any property owner in New York who shares a private road with other property owners. It helps ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and protects against potential liability. Consult with an experienced attorney to draft a comprehensive and enforceable agreement.

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